Life happens, and in Paul's case, grand-kids happen.  5  in all, and they love to spend weekends with the grandparents. 

        During this time of social distancing, a new trend is to RV in to the wild blue yonder, or just to the local state park.  Getting there is the fun, being there is the joy!  Campers. RV's and Toy haulers are popular and HEAVY.  To pull a camper requires a good bit of Horsepower and Braking. With a reasonable budget, We were able to find a Ram 2500 with less than 100,000 miles and the ability to pull up to 10,500 lbs.  While inventory is in short supply, We search far and wide to make the customers purchase a stress free event.  Within 2 weeks, 822 miles, a plane trip to Dallas, Texas and a great road trip...  Paul was able to take the Grands on a camping trip they will not soon forget.  

         The best part, Paul saved over $4000 over the local dealership and was able to trade in a vehicle that did not acomodate his lifestyle needs.  Do you know Paul, send him my way, I can help!